Impact Of Modern Technology On Human Life Especially Correspondence

The human being has evolved over the centuries and from simple cave living to the modern day air travel and space travel, we have come a long way. Nowadays modern technology permeates into every area of life and its impact can be seen in areas like education, medical science, and most importantly communication and correspondence. Some of the progress that technology has made have turned into necessities of life because we are becoming increasingly dependent on them and they are quite significant for human life.


One of the areas where technology has made its maximum impact is the area of communication. For a long time in human civilisation, there was no way of communicating with people outside your immediate area. Then came the possibility of sending letters and telegrams which slowly gave way to long distance calls placed from land line phones. But nowadays it is possible to communicate in an effective manner with people all over the world with the help of smartphones and Personal Computers. The internet has changed everything and we have become totally dependent on it in terms of our lifestyles and especially for communication. This modern system of communication has actually turned the world into a global village.

Nowadays distances don’t matter and you can place audio and video calls to your loved ones across the seas. This has been made possible by mobile phones and other gadgets. Of course, this has also been an intrusion into our privacy, because now it is possible for people all over the world to be able to contact us at any time of the day or night. This is probably the only negative aspect of the impact of modern technology on communication. Read more at