If we look back through the centuries, it is amazing how human beings have evolved. From the invention of fire making to the invention of the wheel and the air and space travel of today, we have indeed come a long way. As they say, the most innovative person is the lazy person, which is true to some extent because all of the modern technology has developed mostly in order to make life easier for us. For instance, the earlier man travelled on foot, then on horseback and bullock carts and nowadays in cars and aeroplanes. Hence, travelling has become easier over the centuries.

By definition, technology is a science applied to practical purposes. Although the advancement in technology has brought many positive aspects to human life, there are some negative aspects to it as well. Let us discuss the different areas of human life in which technology has played a major part.


Ever since Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone the advancement in communication technology has never really stopped. Nowadays we have Smartphones and the Internet, which has turned the world into a global village. Nowadays it is possible to communicate with your friends, colleagues and other people all over the world simply with the touch of a button.


Every single life is important and the invention of modern medicine has helped in increasing the life expectancy of human beings. Diseases which were earlier incurable or incapacitating like tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension and even cancer are curable or at least manageable nowadays. Then again modern surgical inventions have made it possible to make changes inside the body of the individual which also helps in enhancing the quality of life and life expectancy. There are many modern equipment and tools which help a medical professional to discern the exact ailment of the individual and provide the accurate treatment for it.


Centuries ago as mentioned above, human beings used to travel on foot and today we have aeroplanes and space crafts. No boundaries of the universe are difficult to cross with the advancement in technology of transportation. The man has even reached the moon and reaching the other part of the world is not difficult anymore.


Modern technology has enhanced both agricultural and industrial production to satisfy the increasing demands all over the world. The resources of humans are limited and their ability to do some tasks is also limited. However, with the help of many machines and nowadays the development of robotics has made it possible to accomplish many tasks that were considered impossible earlier. At the same time, it is also possible to accomplish more tasks in a limited time than a human being can accomplish.

However, there are some negative aspects to the development of modern technology and the main concern of today is the environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources. However, more people are becoming conscious of these matters and taking steps to repair the damage and prevent further degeneration of the environment. Even scientists are trying to find ways of improving matters when it comes to the degradation of the environment and depletion of natural resources. Read more at tecnodepur.com

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